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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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II.    RESPONSE TO GEPA 41 7 (a)

A.    Goals and Objectives

During Fiscal   Year  1984,  the  Department's  principal   objective  for this
program was:

o   To make grant awards for the 198485 school year.

B.    Progress and Accomplishments

o The Department awarded twenty HEP grants to IHEs and associated
public or non-profit private agencies located In fourteen States
and Puerto Rico; 1t awarded ten CAMP grants to IHEs and associated
public or nonprofit private agencies In eight States (Arizona,
California, Idaho, Maryland, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and

C.    Cost, Benefits, and Effectiveness

HEP Program Scope: The twenty 1984-85 HEP projects are serving approxi-
mately 2800 students. Project enrollments range between 24 and 225.

CAMP Program Scope:    The total number of students served through the 1984-85
CAMP programs Is 710 and the ten funded projects have enrollments ranging
from 20 to 140.

HEP/CAMP Program Costs; For school year 1984-85, the total funding for
twenty HEP projects (serving 2800 participants) was $6,299,164. The
total funding for ten CAMP projects was $1,949,998. The average cost
per participant was $2,250 for HEP and $2,746 for CAMP.

Program Benefits and Cost Effectiveness;    No new information 1s available.
Results from a study completed prior to Fiscal Year 1984 were discussed in
the Annual Evaluation Report, Fiscal Year 1983.

D.    Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation
No new information.

E.    Supporting Studies and Analysis

1.    Annual Evaluation Report, Fiscal Year 1983. Office of Planning, Budget
and Evaluation, Washington, D.C., 1984.

F.    Other Supporting Data
No new Information.rgraduate year.